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Secrets Of My Hollywood Life

How well do you know this book by Jen Calonita? "Secrets of My Hollywood Life" is about teen TV star Kaitlin Burke, who plays "the most beloved character" on the hit soap opera "Family Affairs". All of a sudden, Kaitlin decides that she wants to go to public school! Kaitlin, and some of her friends and assistants, change Kaitlin into a whole new girl. She makes many new friends, enemies, and even finds a crush! But what will happen when Kaitlin's precious Sidekick disappears?


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Created By:kittylover267


#1   Who does Kaitlin Burke play on "Family Affairs"?

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#2   What is Kaitlin's personal assistant named?

#3   Who does Sky Mackenzie play in "Family Affairs"?

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#4   What is Kaitlin's bodyguard named?

#5   What is Kaitlin's best friend named?

#6   What is Kaitlin's younger brother named?

#7   What is Kaitlin's publicist named?

#8   Whom does Kaitlin tell her public school plan to first?

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#9   Kaitlin goes undercover as Rachel Jones at Clark Hall.

#10   Kaitlin/Rachel befriends Beth and Allison at Clark Hall.

#11   Who is the cute guy Kaitlin/Rachel meets on the first day of school in French class?

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#12   Who is the evil girl at Clark Hall?

#13   Who reveals Kaitlin's big secret at the end of the book?

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