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Indian Folk Crafts

This is a quiz about the folk crafts from India and the places they come from.


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Category:Humanities > Art
Created By:nidhikaila


#1   Madhubani is a type of Mural Painting.

#2   Venkatagiri is:

#3   Pochampally is a famous center of textiles in South India. Which South Indian state is Pochampally located in?

#4   Bidri ware, the famous craft that places thin silver threads in enchanting patterns on earthernware, is named after which of the following?

#5   Pashmina is a type of:

#6   Which of these is NOT a school of Indian Miniature Painting?

#7   Kaantha Work is a type of embroidery from the Western part of India.

#8   Balucheri is a type of saree that is distinct because of its use of human motifs.

#9   "Batik" involves the use of wax.

#10   "Bandhani" is the art of:

#11   "Phulkari" is the traditional embroidery of which Indian state?




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