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Harry Potter Horcrux Quiz

A Horcrux is a receptacle in which a dark wizard has hidden a fragment of his soul. It is an important part of the "Harry Potter" series. Test your knowledge on these evil objects.


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#1   What was the first Horcrux found in the "Harry Potter" series?

#2   Who destroyed Slytherin's locket?

#3   Who destroyed the diary of Tom Riddle?

#4   What Horcrux once belonged to Marvolo Gaunt?

#5   Who owned the Horcrux described as "a small, magical golden cup with two finely wrought handles, engraved with a badger"?

#6   Where did Harry find the cup?

#7   How was the diadem destroyed?

#8   Who killed Nagini?

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#9   Who or what was the Horcrux Voldemort did not intend to make?

#10   Which of these Hogwarts professors gave Tom Riddle information about Horcruxes?




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