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The Tudor Queens

How well do you know the 6 wives of Henry VIII?


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#1   Katharine of Aragon was the youngest surviving child of the "Catholic Kings" of Spain.

#2   Anne _______ was the second wife of Henry VIII and was widely hated for her part in overthrowing Katharine of Aragon.

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#3   Jane Seymour was never crowned as Queen of England although she did fulfill the most important task as Queen - providing an heir.

#4   What derogatory nickname did Henry VIII call his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves?

#5   Catherine Howard was the cousin of which one of the king's previous wives?

#6   Katharine Parr was the last wife of Henry VIII, although she was actually in love with Thomas Seymour, the brother of his third wife. She married Seymour as soon as Henry VIII died.

#7   Henry VIII had a son by Bessie Blount when he was married to which wife?

#8   Is it possible that Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne, mothered 2 of Henry VIII illegitimate children?

#9   Mary I was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and once she became Queen she ruled the country with a staunch hand earning her the nickname of ______________.

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#10   This daughter of King Henry was the last Tudor Queen and is considered one of the most influential monarchs of all time.




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