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Complete The Lyrics "Alive With the Glory Of Love"

How well do you think you know the song?


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#1   Complete the lyric. "When I ______ you. Want to do you. Right where you're __________. Yeah."

#2   Complete the lyric. "Right on the foyer. On this ______ day. Right in plain ______. Oh, yeah."

#3   Complete the lyric. "Of the whole ghetto. The _____________ meadows. But we ignore that. Yeah."

#4   Complete the lyric. "You're _______ baby. This war is crazy. I won't let you ______. Oh, no, no."

#5   Complete the lyric. "When our city, cast and witty, falls to the ______. Yeah."

#6   Complete the lyric. "They'll search the buildings. Collect gold fillings, _________, and ________. Oh, yeah."

#7   Complete the lyric. "With this _______ eyeliner. You'd look finer. With each day in hiding. Oh, yeah."

#8   Complete the lyric. "_________ the warm wood. Ooh, love me so good. They won't hear us screw the day away. I'll make you _______."

#9   Complete the lyric. "Alive! Alive! Alive with love, alive with love _________."

#10   Complete the lyric. "Should they ________ us, and dispatch us. To those separate __________."

#11   Complete the lyrics. "I'll ________ about you. I will not doubt you. With the passing of time. Oh, yeah."

#12   Complete the lyric. "Should they kill me. Your ______ will fill me as warm as the bullets. Yeah."

#13   Complete the lyric. "I'll know my purpose. This ______ was worth this. I won't let you down. Yeah."

#14   How many times does this song say the word "alive"?




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