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What Am I? Insects Edition!

How well do you know those creepy, crawly, teeny, tiny, little creatures that we call insects? After you complete the quiz, you will be able to read some interesting facts about the insect in question. Have fun!


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#1   I am a predatory insect. I lunge forward with my two front forelegs to catch my prey. What am I?

#2   I am a household pest, I love to live in garbage, and I am among the hardiest of insects. What am I?

#3   I am closely related to the butterfly, I have an attraction to light, and I can also be a pest. What am I?

#4   I love to hop around and make chirping noises, especially at night. What am I?

#5   I am the most common of all flies, I am a pest, and I can carry many diseases and viruses. What am I?

#6   I am a very colorful, winged insect, and my babies are called caterpillars. What am I?

#7   I am part of the beetle family of insects and I have black spots on my wings. What am I?

#8   I am a very tiny, hardworking insect, and I am related to wasps and bees. What am I?

#9   I am mostly black and yellow and I like to fly around flowers. What am I?

#10   I am a wingless, bloodsucking parasite and I can jump very well. What am I?




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