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Name the City

Can you name the city that is being described?


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#1   This city is located in the "Land of Lincoln" and is known by many names like "The Second City", "City of Broad Shoulders", and "The Windy City".

#2   This city is located in northwest Europe and is where the world's first international football match, between England and Scotland, took place in 1872.

#3   This city is the world's only city to be located in two continents (Asia and Europe) and is one of the world's largest cities by population.

#4   This city is the second largest city in one of Africa's largest economies, is shadowed by Table Mountain, and is surrounded by near-vertical cliffs.

#5   This city is HonshÅ«'s largest city by population and is frequently the setting for anime and manga comic books.

#6   This city is located in "The Golden State" and is where movies like "Dr. Dolittle", "The Pursuit of Happyness", and "Sister Act" are set.

#7   This city is the capital of Europe's sixth largest country and is home to Plaza de Toros, the 'world center' of bullfighting.

#8   This city is located just south of the Arctic Circle and is the world's northernmost national capital city.

#9   This city is the fifth most populous city in North America, is home to the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, and is nicknamed "The Big Smoke".

#10   This city is the capital city of the ninth most populous country in the world and has the largest number of billionaires in the world.




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