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"Final Fantasy IX" Quiz

How well do you know "Final Fantasy IX"?


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Created By:ShadowCloud13


#1   What is Freya's last name?

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#2   Who is the only character that is in a game that is not part of the "Final Fantasy" series?

#3   This game was sponsored in whose commercials?

#4   The queen is whose puppet?

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#5   The dance in Cleyra has a song in the background; what is the name of this song? (on the original sound track.)

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#6   Who is able to be summoned after you have the Pumice?

#7   On the game's cover who is on the far right?

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#8   When fighting in the field, there are monsters and ___.

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#9   Who can Vivi power up with magic?

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#10   What game series has "Final Fantasy" and Disney characters?




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