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Persona 3 FES

How well do you know your Personas and the people who wield them?


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#1   What is the name of the high school that the characters go to?

#2   The main character's Persona is called Orpheus.

#3   One of your playable characters is a cat.

#4   The time that is "hidden between one hour and the next" is called...

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#5   The name of the tower that the students explore is called...

#6   Michael is the ultimate Persona in the Judgment class.

#7   The group that repeatedly gets in the way of the main characters is called...

#8   This may be a hard one. How many of the nine orders of angels are in the game as Personas?

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#9   Ryoji and Pharos are the same person.

#10   What was the true identity of Ryoji?




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