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"The Waterboy"

This quiz is based on the 1998 movie "The Waterboy" starring Adam Sandler.


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Category:Movies > Comedy
Created By:trickster2005


#1   How old is Bobby Boucher?

#2   What type of speech impairment does Bobby have?

#3   What is the name of the football team that Bobby plays on?

#4   What position does Bobby play in football?

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#5   According to Mama Boucher, football is called ______ and it is _____ ______.

#6   Bobby's mother faked an illness to stop him from playing football.

#7   When Bobby's father arrived, he was punched by Mama Boucher.

#8   Finish the quote: "This is high-quality ______."

#9   What is the name of the wrestler who made fun of Bobby?

#10   What type of vehicle did Bobby and Vickie drive after they were married?




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