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"House, M.D." Characters - General

How well do you know this misanthropic medical madman and his motley menagerie of merry minions?


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#1   What is Dr. House's first name?

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#2   What is Dr. Cuddy's first name?

#3   What is Dr. Wilson's first name?

#4   What is Dr. Foreman's first name?

#5   What is Dr. Chase's first name?

#6   What is Dr. Cameron's first name?

#7   Dr. Remy Hadley is a member of House's "new team", which was formed in season four. By what number is she often called instead of her name?

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#8   Dr. Chris Taub joins House's team in season four. What was his medical field of practice prior to joining the team?

#9   Dr. Lawrence Kutner, a member of House's "new team", is an orphan.

#10   Dr. Amber Volakis, a candidate for House's "new team", is sometimes referred to as "CTB". What does the "CT" stand for?

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#11   Stacy Warner is House's ex-girlfriend. What is her profession on the show?




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