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"Twilight": the Movie

How well do you know "Twilight" the movie? Take this quiz and find out!


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Created By:EdWaRdLuVeR_918


#1   "Twilight" was directed by Mark Morgan.

#2   What was the production company that made the movie?

#3   Who was driving the van that almost killed Bella?

#4   Taylor Lautner plays Mike in the movie.

#5   Edward is played by Kellan Lutz.

#6   Where does Bella first see the Cullens?

#7   Which of the following people did NOT ask Bella to prom?

#8   Why was Bella in Port Angeles the day she almost got attacked?

#9   While staying in the hotel in Phoenix, Alice has a vision of what?

#10   James bit Bella on the neck.




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