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The Life & Times of Napoleon Bonaparte

This is a simple, if not somewhat difficult, quiz on some of the events in Napoleon's life.


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#1   Napoleon changed his name to sound more French.

#2   Napoleon I of France hailed from what island?

#3   The Russians burned down the city of _________ so that the French armies could not invade it.

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#4   Napoleon reworked the laws of France. His civil code was called:

#5   Napoleon's Egyptian expedition found the Rosetta Stone.

#6   Napoleon's men shot the nose off of the Sphinx with a cannon.

#7   During his exile on St. Helena, Napoleon compared himself, Charlemagne, Alexander, and Caesar of not being worthy to be compared to Christ.

#8   Napoleon's stone tomb is buried at:

#9   Napoleon died of arsenic poisoning.

#10   Napoleon changed former French laws restricting Jews to live in ghettos.




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