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Slice of Pi

Test your brain with a pi quiz!


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Category:Science > Math
Created By:KarateGirl098


#1   What is pi to the fifth decimal place?

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#2   Pi is an irrational number.

#3   There is software available for calculating pi on your computer.

#4   When you want to find the area of a circle, you multiply pi by the square of the circle's ______.

#5   Pi is a letter in what alphabet?

#6   Even though pi cannot be entirely expressed as a decimal, it can be entirely expressed as a fraction.

#7   Lu Chao, a Chinese graduate student, recited pi to the 67,890th decimal place. This was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records.

#8   The letter pi has both uppercase and lowercase forms.

#9   What day is Pi Day on?

#10   What day is Pi Approximation Day on?




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