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Famous Americans 2

How much do you know about the famous Americans of the United States?


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#1   Phineas T. Barnum created "the greatest show on earth" in the 1890s. What kind of show was it?

#2   The time was midnight, and the year was 1775. Who rode on horseback to warn that the Redcoats were coming?

#3   Levi Strauss and his partner invented pants that are worn in every country today. What were they?

#4   Geronimo was a great Native American leader. Was he a Navajo, an Arapaho, or an Apache?

#5   In 1882, what famous American inventor was responsible for the first electric lights coming on in New York City?

#6   In 1909, did Admiral Peary and Matthew Henson finally reach the North Pole or the South Pole?

#7   This tough-talking general led American forces in World War II. Was his name George Patton or John Pershing?

#8   What American astronomer proved that the universe is expanding? (Hint: A space telescope was named for him.)

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#9   What frontiersman from Tennessee became a hero at the old Texas mission called the Alamo?

#10   She led so many slaves to freedom that her people called her "Moses". What was her real name?




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