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"House, M.D." Characters - Drs. House and Wilson

Test your knowledge of this dynamic duo of diagnostic detectives.


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#1   What painkiller is Dr. House addicted to?

#2   As of season 4, how many times has Dr. Wilson been married?

#3   Which of House's legs causes him to need painkillers and his cane?

#4   Wilson has a poster for which of these classic movies in his office?

#5   What type of TV show is House often shown watching?

#6   The characters of House and Wilson were partially inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

#7   Name one of the two musical instruments that House has been shown playing.

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#8   House has told Dr. Cameron that he loves her.

#9   What item of House's does Wilson "kidnap" in order to force House to hire a new team?

#10   Wilson and one of his ex-wives had a dog, whom House briefly adopts. What is the dog's name?




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