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March Madness

Do you know your basketball terms?


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#1   This one-handed shot, popularized by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, involves swinging the arm in a loop.

#2   What is the term for a shot in which a player dribbles to the side of the basket and banks the ball off the backboard into the basket?

#3   What is/are the term(s) for a shot thrown down by a player directly into the basket?

#4   Which of these is a name commonly used for the line at the middle of the court?

#5   This area of the floor is where a player "posts up".

#6   This area of the floor is where the free throw line intersects with the lane lines.

#7   What term describes a defender legally preventing the opposing player from getting a rebound?

#8   What defense is characterized by each defender choosing one opponent to defend?

#9   What situation results when opposing players have possession of the ball at the same time?

#10   What is the term for when a player in possession of the ball takes steps without dribbling?




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