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Brand Numbers

A few common brand names have a number as part of the name. See if you remember these brands.


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#1   This product, commonly sold in hardware stores, can be used to stop squeaks, loosen rusted nuts/bolts, and remove grease.

#2   The company that makes Post-it notes and Scotch tape is 4M.

#3   This drink is mostly made from tomatoes, but contains several vegetables too.

#4   How many flavours of ice-cream is Baskin-Robbins known for?

#5   For many years, a lemon-lime soft drink was advertised as the "un-cola". What number is part of its name? (Just provide the number.)

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#6   This brand of hair-care products is produced by the Alberto Culver Company.

#7   20th Century Fox, a major American film studio, was formed in 1935.

#8   This blend of fruit juices is made by Minute Maid.

#9   What number is associated with Heinz? For many years, the number was used to emphasize the great number of products Heinz offered.

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#10   This automatic toilet bowl cleaner is supposed to last for 4 months.




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