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Do you know your authors? Let us see if you know Terry Brooks.


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Category:Literature > Authors
Created By:Sunrose


#1   Brooks went to ________ College and Washington & Lee University.

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#2   Brooks quit his practice of law to become a full time writer.

#3   Which of these books did Brooks read that changed his writing career?

#4   Which book did Brooks write while at Washington & Lee University?

#5   Which book did Brooks write on his spare time from his law practice?

#6   Brooks moved to Chicago after quitting his law practice and wrote "Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold!"

#7   Brooks's book, "Running With the Demon", is set in a town similar to the one where he grew up in Illinois.

#8   Brooks is a Star Wars fan.

#9   Brooks does the upkeep of his own official web site.

#10   What is the first name of Brooks' wife?




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