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Bible Sheep

Sheep are an important symbol in the Bible; they are used to represent both sinners and sacrifices. See how well you know your sheep references.


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#1   Sheep were made on the _____ day of creation.

#2   Noah brought more than two sheep into the ark.

#3   God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son, _____.

#4   During the Passover, the Israelites were instructed to eat a year old lamb and put its blood around their windows.

#5   Complete this verse from Isaiah 53: "We all, like sheep, have _____."

#6   Before David became a king of Israel, he was a shepherd.

#7   In Psalm 23, David compares the Lord to a:

#8   In the Gospel of John, John the Baptist refers to Jesus as the _____ of God.

#9   In the Gospel of John, Jesus refers to himself as a good:

#10   One of the entrances into Jerusalem was called the Sheep Gate.

#11   Jesus tells a parable about a lost sheep. How does the owner react when he finds the sheep?

#12   Peter denied Jesus three times. When Jesus later re-instates Peter, he makes three references to lambs/sheep.




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