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The Great Indian Challenge V - Dance Forms

India has a variety of dance forms specific to each state or region. Find out how many you know.


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#1   This classical dance form originated in Tamil Nadu, India. In ancient times, it was primarily an art form used to perform dance dramas in temples.

#2   This dance form originated in the North of India. This dance form was influenced by Moghuls and Persians as well. It is characterised by swift movements and fast footwork.

#3   This form of dance originated in Kerala. It is primarily characterized by intricate and colorful makeup that makes the dancer look almost out of this world.

#4   Literally translated as "dance of the enchantress", this dance form is always performed by women. Originating in Kerala, the dance is characterized by graceful and gentle movements.

#5   This is a classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh. It is named after the village where the dance form originated and was perfected.

#6   A dance form that originated in north-eastern India. Rabindranath Tagore was primarily responsible for giving this dance form more recognition outside the region where it is performed.

#7   This is one of the oldest dance forms whose roots can be traced back to 2200 BC. Originated in eastern India, this dance form is characterized by curvaceous movements and poses that emulate sculptures.

#8   Similar to Kathakali, this is another form of dance drama that originated in Karnataka. The performance style of this dance form can be equated to an opera.

#9   This is probably one of the liveliest dance forms in India. Originating in Punjab, this dance form is usually accompanied by folk songs related to harvest, patriotism, celebration or any current social issues.

#10   Originating in Assam, this dance is mainly performed by Buddhist monks as part of their morning rituals. Only in recent times has this dance form come out of the confines of the monasteries into the public eye.




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