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Columbo-philes and lollipop totin' Kojak lovers, this is your quiz. Ready? Book 'em, Dan-O.


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#1   "Good morning, Angels" opened each episode of "Charlie's Angels". This actor was heard, but never seen, as the voice of Charlie Townsend.

#2   This actor starred with Karl Malden in "The Streets of San Francisco" before gaining fame as a leading man in Hollywood.

#3   Sally and Mac McMillan were high society crime fighters in San Francisco. Their lovable maid sometimes had a few too many at cocktail hour. What was her name?

#4   "At the tone leave your name and message. I'll get back to you." This opening voice was heard on which popular NBC private eye show?

#5   "Barnaby Jones" was possibly TV's oldest detective. His faithful assistant, Betty Jones, was related to him in this way.

#6   All of these were trademarks of Lt. Columbo, except one.

#7   Detective Tony "Baretta", as portrayed by actor Robert Blake, was often seen with his unusual pet. What kind of animal was Fred?

#8   "The Name of the Game" kept us intrigued in the fast world of journalism. The male stars of the show had one sharp cookie for a secretary. Peggy Maxwell was played by this popular actress.

#9   "Ellery Queen" and Inspector Richard Queen solved crime in New York City with this sidekick, who was as dependable as they come.

#10   Honolulu's Steve McGarrett of "Hawaii Five-O" fought this frequent arch-nemesis.

#11   This actor graced the TV screen as hard-boiled and rotund private investigator Frank "Cannon".

#12   Raymond Burr was lawyer "Perry Mason" for many years before he changed professions to become this TV policeman.

#13   "The Mod Squad" was introduced each week as this young trio: "One black, one white, one ____."

#14   Insurance investigator Michael "Longstreet" had the unusual characteristic of being blind. The one season sleuth was portrayed by this actor.

#15   Sgt. Suzanne Anderson was played by leggy and lovely Angie Dickinson in "Police Woman". What was her TV character's nickname?




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