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Figures of Speech - Sports and Games

Humans, especially men, can be extremely competitive. Knowing that, it's no wonder we often adopt sports phrases and idioms into our everyday vocabulary. Don't strike out on this one!


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#1   If you are performing well, perhaps perfectly, you might be said to be "batting _____".

#2   The person in charge of a situation might be said to be "calling _____".

#3   If you often act prematurely and without proper forethought, you may be said to be "jumping ______".

#4   When someone is expected to adhere to certain rules of form or a standard of behavior, they may be advised to "toe the ____".

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#5   When you are forced to decline an invitation, but intend to reschedule, you may offer your host "_________".

#6   A phrase commonly used in boxing is also the name of a television series.

#7   There is an idiom originating in sailing or boat races that can be used to describe someone being drunk.

#8   If you find yourself in a difficult situation, where success seems unlikely, a pool shark might say you are "behind _______".

#9   When declaring eligibility or intent to run in an election, a political candidate might invoke an old boxing idiom and "throw his ___ in the ring".

#10   Boxing also has an idiom that a political candidate might use when he chooses to remove his name from consideration. What might he be said to "throw in" in that case?

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