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All Around Computing

This quiz has questions from all general aspects of computers.


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Category:Technology > Computers
Created By:dhanish007


#1   You can use 'Tab' to move from object to object on a webpage in a top-to-bottom fashion. How would you go backwards (i.e. bottom-to-top)?

#2   What does USB stand for?

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#3   In a Mac computer, there is a row of icons on the screen which are shortcuts to applications and files. It is similar to a taskbar. What is this bar called?

#4   What is the name of the version of Windows that was released before Windows Vista (for PC)?

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#5   The famous chess-playing computer, Deep Blue, was developed by which of the following corporations?

#6   Which of these is not an Internet browser?

#7   Windows 98 was released on the 25th of June, 1998.

#8   What is the hotkey for going to the bottom of a Microsoft Word document?

#9   In computing terminology, FLOPS stands for FLoating point Operations Per System.

#10   Which of these is not a programming language?




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