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Power Metal Connections

There are many connections between various power metal bands. How much do you know about said connections?


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#1   What genre is generally considered power metal's main forerunner?

#2   What was the first major band to be considered "power metal"?

#3   Iron Fist originally consisted of Kai Hansen, Piet Sielck, Ingo Schwichtenberg, and Markus Grosskoph. Sielck left to become a sound engineer for all but which of the following bands?

#4   In 1983, Michael Weikath left which band to join Iron Fist?

#5   In 1988, Kai Hansen from Helloween decided to leave and then founded which of the following bands?

#6   In 1994, Flemming Rasmussen began producing for Blind Guardian. Which of the following bands was he formerly a producer for?

#7   In 1999, all members of the band Demoniac at the time except whom left to form the band DragonHeart?

#8   Steve Williams left DragonHeart (later to be named DragonForce) in March 2001 to start what band?

#9   What power metal band was originally named Tricky Beans?

#10   In early 2000, what major power metal band was Sonata Arctica selected to support on tour?

#11   DragonForce's song "Strike of Ninja" is a re-recording of the song "Feel the Fire" by what band?




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