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"Spaceballs" the Trivia Quiz

Directed by, co-written by, and starring comedy legend Mel Brooks, the movie "Spaceballs" pokes fun at "Star Wars", "Star Trek", "Aliens", and other popular sci-fi/fantasy stories.


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#1   The movie begins with letters moving up the screen. These read, "In a galaxy very, very, very, very, far away there lived a ruthless race of beings known as... ________."

#2   A very long ship passes movie viewers immediately after the opening scroll. What is written across the back of the ship?

#3   What complaint does Dark Helmet have about his mask?

#4   Why must Princess Vespa marry Prince Valium?

#5   Before and after Princess Vespa runs out of her wedding, what problem does Prince Valium, the groom, have?

#6   Captain Lone Starr owes one million space bucks to whom?

#7   What goes wrong when President Skroob is beamed down to Spaceball Control?

#8   What do Lone Starr and Barf use to jam Spaceball One's radar?

#9   When being rescued from Spaceball One's tractor beam, what does Princess Vespa insist on taking with her?

#10   Why is Dark Helmet angry after capturing Princess Vespa's ship?

#11   After declaring light speed too slow, Dark Helmet orders the Spaceball One to go to ludicrous speed. As a result, what does the ship go to?

#12   Why does Captain Lone Starr's ship crash?

#13   Captain Lone Starr instructs Princess Vespa to take only what she needs to survive as they leave the ship to travel through the desert where they crash land. What item does the princess say she cannot live without?

#14   How do the Spaceballs find the planet on which Lone Starr and Princess Vespa crash landed?

#15   Captain Lone Starr's group start a fire during the desert's night. What do they burn?

#16   What happens (or nearly happens) to set off the alarm of Princess Vespa's droid, Dot Matrix?

#17   While wandering the desert, Lone Starr calls out for water. Dot Matrix wants oil. What does Princess Vespa want?

#18   The brown-robed figures who find Lone Starr and his group communicate by repeating one word/sound. What is the word/sound?

#19   When Lone Starr and Vespa are taken to the underground temple, how does Yogurt describe himself?

#20   Yogurt is the keeper of "a greater magic, a power known throughout the universe as" what?




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