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Fabulous Animals

How well do you know the descriptions of each animal?


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#1   I am the largest and most powerful of all apes. I have a broad chest, muscular neck, and strong hands. What am I?

#2   I am the largest living land animal. I use my trunk to carry food and water to my mouth. What am I?

#3   I am the world's tallest animal. I can go for a long time without water. I have a long neck that allows me to reach high leaves. What am I?

#4   I am one of the largest land carnivores in the world. I have a heavy layer of fat plus two coats of fur to protect me from the cold. What am I?

#5   I have been domesticated for about 6,000 years. I may also live in herds on grassy plains. I usually live to about age 20, although the record is age 62. What am I?

#6   I am among the most intelligent of all animals. I may have a form of language. I live in groups known as pods. What am I?

#7   I am closely related to the horse. I may live to age 29. I am able to begin running within 1 hour of birth. What am I?

#8   I have a long, flexible body that allows me to turn in tunnels. I may be trained and kept as a pet. What am I?

#9   I am the only sea turtle to breed on the U.S. mainland. I am very aggressive. I lay eggs on rocky beaches and reefs. What am I?

#10   I am covered with dermal denticles that protect my skin from damage. I have existed in my present form for about 500 million years. I have an incredible sense of smell. What am I?




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