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Work It Out

Take a quiz on the song "Work It Out".


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Fun:** (1.25)
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Category:Music > Pop
Created By:MissKirby23


#1   Complete the lyrics: "We all need to work together, to build a better____."

#2   These lyrics are correct: "To make it what we feel, we have to make it real."

#3   Fill in the blanks: "We all need to remember, that nothing in this world comes for ____."

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#4   These lyrics are correct: "We all know that life gets harder. It's getting harder day by day."

#5   Fill in the blank: "You're the one I can depend __."

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#6   Complete the lyrics: "No one else can do it right. I'm someone you can ____ on."

#7   Complete the lyrics: "'Cause we're not giving up without a _____."

#8   Who sings this song?

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#9   What video game is this song featured on?

#10   This song was featured on a level called "Resort Island" in a video game.




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