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Ender's Game

How much do you know about the book, "Ender's Game" written by Orson Scott Card?


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#1   Which of these words would best describe Ender?

#2   Ender is loved for being the third child in his family.

#3   I.F. stands for _____.

#4   Before this story took place, an alien race attacked. What is that race called?

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#5   What was the name of Ender's first instructor?

#6   When Petra was teaching Ender about long-range shooting in the battleroom, she gave him a tip. To hit moving distant targets, you must:

#7   When Peter got a "net name", he chose the name:

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#8   The Little Doctor was given its name because its initials are the same as a medical doctor (M.D.). What does the M.D. stand for in M.D. Device?

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#9   When you are in the battleroom, there is no gravity; the only things in the battleroom are objects called "stars" and two team gates. Which direction did Ender always teach his students to think of the enemy gate's direction in?

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#10   One of the games the students are put through involves a puzzle known as "The Giant's Drink." If you won his game, where would the Giant take you?

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#11   When Ender found out that his Command School games were real, he had already used the M.D. Device on the buggers' home world. Ender blamed himself for this.




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