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Before Visual Basic, there was BASIC. See how well you know this programming language!


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#1   BASIC is not an acronym, but was chosen as the name for this language to express its simplicity.

#2   BASIC is considered what type of programming language?

#3   BASIC was created during which decade?

#4   How many times would the word "hello" appear on the screen if the following keystrokes were entered into a BASIC environment (note that {enter} represents hitting the Enter key on the keyboard): 1 Print "hello" {enter} 2 Goto 1 {enter} Run {enter}?

#5   Which of the following languages was considered a major influence on the development of BASIC?

#6   A line of code such as 'Prinnt "Hello"' contains a specific type of error. What is this error called in BASIC?

#7   The command 'Input A' differs from the command 'Input A$' primarily in one way. What is this primary difference?

#8   What is the primary difference between the GOTO and the GOSUB statements?

#9   BASIC has a very limited number of mathematical operators.

#10   Unlike some more complex programming languages, BASIC programs must be compiled in order to run them on a computer.




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