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Law of the Land 2

How well do you know about everything that is related to the laws of the United States?


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#1   What is it called when a lawyer presents his written arguments in a set of papers?

#2   The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States. When was this amendment ratified?

#3   Presidential inaugurations have always taken place in January.

#4   People born in Puerto Rico are automatically citizens of the United States.

#5   Which house of Congress has the right to impeach the President of the United States?

#6   Each state has its own supreme court.

#7   What presidential monument is about 55 feet wide on each side at the bottom and 555 feet tall?

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#8   Wyoming is called "the Equality State" because it was the first to give women the right to _____.

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#9   As of 2009, how many amendments have been added to the U.S. Constitution?

#10   The eagle on the Great Seal holds a branch of 13 olives. What does the branch signify?




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