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Patriotic Stars

Many movie and television stars served in the military. Several were highly decorated and were even heroes. Given a few brief facts, can you guess the movie or television star's name?


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#1   This not-so-smart agent served in the United States Marine Corps. He was wounded during the battle of Guadalcanal, contracted malaria, and nearly died of black water fever. On television, he was often called Agent 86. Who was this actor?

#2   This actor served in the Royal Navy. He commanded a landing craft taking part in the invasion of Sicily and Elba. In the movie theater, he was known as Obi-Wan Kenobi and was a Jedi Master. Who was this actor?

#3   This actor flew five combat missions as an observer-gunner in B-17 Flying Fortresses. Adolf Hitler offered a sizable reward to anyone who could bring this actor in unscathed. He portrayed Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind". Who was this actor?

#4   This actor was awarded a Silver Star, and three Purple Heart medals during World War II. He was in the Normandy Invasion on D-Day. He played Lt. William Snyder in "The Sting". Who was this actor?

#5   This actor was an infantryman during World War II. During the Battle of Normandy, he was wounded in the leg by shrapnel and walked with a limp for the rest of his life. He played Jackie Gleason's neighbor in "The Honeymooners". Who was this actor?

#6   This actor joined the U.S. 4th Marine Division, serving as a sniper. He was wounded in action during the WWII Battle of Saipan, eight months prior to the Battle of Iwo Jima. He played in several John Wayne movies. Who was this actor?

#7   This actor flew 44 combat missions as a Gunner in B-24 Liberators. He received the Purple Heart for injuries sustained when his plane was shot down over the Philippines. He portrayed the educated man on "Gilligan's Island". Who is this actor?

#8   This actor served during World War II as an aerial gunner and received an Air Medal. He was involved in several actions against the Japanese on Rabal in the Pacific. He played in the television series "Family Affair". Who was this actor?

#9   This Medal of Honor recipient was said to have received every U.S. medal available at the time; 5 of them awarded more than once. This actor portrayed himself in the movie "To Hell and Back". Who was this actor?

#10   This actor served in the Pacific theater as a B-29 Superfortress tail gunner. He flew bombing missions to Japan from North Field, Guam. He is known for portraying Paul Kersey in the "Death Wish" movies. Who was this actor?




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