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"Warriors"- Firestar's Quest

Do you know the cats of SkyClan? Take this quiz on "Firestar's Quest" to see if you're a reading warrior!


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Fun:*** (2.79)
Difficulty:** (1.55)
Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:firefox99


#1   What cat goes with Firestar on his quest?

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#2   Who is the leader of the Ancient SkyClan?

#3   SkyClan members' skill is that they can climb tall trees.

#4   The leader of SkyClan tells Firestar to follow the ________ to find SkyClan's camp.

#5   Oscar and Clover are brother and sister, and they love to tease Sky.

#6   When did Firestar first meet Cherry and Boris?

#7   What are Sparrowpaw's and Cherrypaw's warrior names?

#8   Who is the cat who leaves SkyClan in the middle of the book?

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#9   Who killed the rats' leader?

#10   What is one reason that Firestar and Sandstorm gave Leafkit her name?




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