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Rise Against "Re-Education (Through Labor)"

How well do you know this Rise Against hit?


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Created By:Loofre


#1   What album is "Re-Education (Through Labor)" on?

#2   Finish the lyrics. "To the rhythm of the ____ ____ machines."

#3   These lyrics are incorrect: "Like causes without rebels."

#4   Finish the lyrics. "We ____ all day long for you."

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#5   According to the song, how long do they run from the ruler's grasp?

#6   In the song, the engine roars, gives, and dies.

#7   Finish the lyrics. "We are the ___ upon your gears/ We are the ____ in your ears."

#8   On "Appeal to Reason", "Re-Education" is the 4th song on the album.

#9   How many times is "re-education through labor" mentioned in the song?

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#10   What is the last word in the song?

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