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"Spaceballs" - Another Trivia Quiz

Directed by, co-written by, and starring comedy legend Mel Brooks, the movie "Spaceballs" pokes fun at "Star Wars", "Star Trek", "Aliens", and other popular sci-fi/fantasy stories.


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#1   What does President Skroob order the Spaceballs to do in order to find Princess Vespa?

#2   Lone Starr lifts the huge statue of Yogurt. What happens when he drops the statue?

#3   How does Dark Helmet manage to capture Princess Vespa?

#4   What instruction does Yogurt give Lone Starr after giving him a fortune cookie?

#5   Yogurt believes he might meet Lone Starr again in the movie's sequel. What title does he give the sequel?

#6   Dark Helmet is embarrassed when Colonel Sandurz walks in on what?

#7   What threat do the Spaceballs use to force King Roland to divulge the combination to Planet Druidia's shield?

#8   What is the combination to Druidia's shield?

#9   Lone Starr and Barf steal Spaceball uniforms. What feature makes it hard for Barf to fully blend in while wearing the uniform and helmet?

#10   How do Lone Starr and Barf find Princess Vespa's cell in Spaceball City?

#11   Instead of Lone Starr and Princess Vespa, whom do the Spaceballs capture during the chase through Spaceball City?

#12   Spaceball One goes through a metamorphosis. What does it become?

#13   What does Lone Starr use to reverse the suction the Spaceballs are using to steal Druidia's air?

#14   How/where do Lone Starr and his companions enter the transformed Spaceball One?

#15   What does Lone Starr go into the transformed Spaceball One looking for?

#16   Dark Helmet believes Lone Starr should know something about their relationship. Dark Helmet is Lone Starr's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. What does that make Dark Helmet and Lone Starr?

#17   What Schwartz-related accident does Dark Helmet blame on Lone Starr?

#18   When the blade produced by his Schwartz ring won't cut through Dark Helmet's helmet, what does Lone Starr do?

#19   What is the one thing Dark Helmet despises?

#20   During their fight, Lone Starr falls for what Dark Helmet calls "the oldest trick in the book". How does Dark Helmet fool Lone Starr?




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