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Top Of The World

How well do you know this song?


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Created By:mudbogger


#1   Complete these lyrics: "For a time, I thought my ____, it must be hiding."

#2   Complete these lyrics: "Don't know where I _____, is this where I should stay?"

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#3   Complete these lyrics: "Lift me up, when I am falling; you're my friend, when I was _____."

#4   These lyrics are correct: "Yeah, you've always been believing, gave my life a whole new meaning."

#5   Complete these lyrics: "There's a strength in me, it seems, I have ______."

#6   Complete these lyrics: "Now I, realized today, I'm starting to _____, again."

#7   Complete these lyrics: "I guess we all lose our ____, now and then."

#8   Complete these lyrics: "Now I'm on top of the _____."

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#9   These lyrics are correct: "Top of the whole big world."

#10   Who sings this song?

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