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Electrical History, Part 1: The 1800s

Test your knowledge of electricity and the major discoveries in the 1800s.


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#1   In 1660, inventor Otto von Guericke invented the first known machine to produce electricity. What type of basic electricity did his machine produce?

#2   In 1733, Charles Francois du Fay discovered two forms of electricity which he called resinous and vitreous. Benjamin Franklin (among others) renamed these two forms as we know them today. What were these new, more widely accepted names?

#3   In 1752, Benjamin Franklin discovered a common, natural occurrence of electricity. What was this natural phenomena?

#4   In 1800, Alessandro Volta proved that electricity could travel over wires, and invented the first portable carrier of electricity. His invention became something we still use widely today. What did Volta invent?

#5   In 1820, Oersted observed the effects of electricity on a compass, and Ampere passed current through a coil of wire. What natural force did these scientists tie to electricity through their discoveries?

#6   In 1879, the first demonstration of the incandescent lamp was performed in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Who invented the lamp and performed this demonstration?

#7   In the late 1800s, it was discovered that electricity could be generated by using the same mechanical energy source that had been used to grind grains in mills for centuries! What was this abundant, natural source of kinetic energy?

#8   In 1884, Charles Parsons created a device that used boiled water to create electricity. This method of creating electricity is still in use, but what is this device most commonly called today?

#9   In 1888, Nikola Tesla is credited with developing a new method to distribute electricity that competed with Edison's direct current. What was the term used, that is still in use today, for this?

#10   In 1897, J.J. Thomson discovered the particle that makes electricity possible. What is this particle called?




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