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Chowder "Fireheart" Song

Let's see how much you know about this song from the television show, "Chowder".


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Created By:MissKirby23


#1   Fill in the blank: "There's a feeling, deep inside my _____."

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#2   Complete the lyrics: "It stretches to my _____ arm, like a black knight on a quest."

#3   These lyrics are correct: "I'm getting sweaty, my blood just will not rest."

#4   Complete the lyrics: "Could it be that I swallowed a ______ nest?"

#5   These lyrics are correct: "Burning like a fire in my fiery heart! Oh, how it burns!"

#6   What color was the fire that Chowder had?

#7   Fill in the blank: "No ___ can understand."

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#8   Fill in the blank: "The power of a dragon is in my ____. I mean chest!"

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#9   How many times is "fireheart" said?

#10   Which "Chowder" episode is this song from?

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