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Apollo 13

How much do you know about the film "Apollo 13"?


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Created By:beatlesgirl


#1   In what year was "Apollo 13" released?

#2   Which of the following astronauts was supposed to get the measles?

#3   Finish this quote: "Houston, we have a _______."

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#4   Which two members from the space program watch television with Blanche Lovell?

#5   Marilyn Lovell's wedding ring falls into the shower drain.

#6   "Apollo 13" landed safely on the moon.

#7   Which substance was leaking from the Odyssey spacecraft?

#8   What musical group was Barbara Lovell a fan of?

#9   "Apollo 13" won 3 Oscars.

#10   "Apollo 13" was based on a true story.




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