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Fairly OddParents "The Big Problem! / Power Mad"

How much do you know about the show's first full-length episode?


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#1   During the theme song, what does Vicki's head turn in to?

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#2   During "The Big Problem", what does Timmy wish to be?

#3   During "Power Mad", what does Timmy wish for?

#4   When did these episodes air?

#5   How many people, besides Timmy's parents, make their first appearance in these episodes? (Write the number, not the word.)

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#6   During "Power Mad", what virtual game does Timmy play before he makes his wish?

#7   In "The Big Problem", who is taken away from Timmy?

#8   In "The Big Problem", Timmy had to sleep on the cold ground.

#9   During "Power Mad", who is the boss on level 10?

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#10   What is the name of the city Timmy lives in?




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