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All About TNA Wrestling

How much do you know about TNA from 2005-2009?


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#1   Who received the pink slip in Feast or Fire 2008?

#2   What does TNA call its steel cage match?

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#3   Who won the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary in 2005?

#4   The name of Beer Money's finishing move is DUI.

#5   Who is not a part of the Main Event Mafia?

#6   Who refers to himself as Black Snow when he is on commentary?

#7   What does Daniels's finisher B.M.E stand for?

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#8   Which of these is not a TNA original?

#9   When Samoa Joe was taking out members of the Main Event Mafia, who did he take out first?

#10   Jeff Jarrett hired Mick Foley to stop the Main Event Mafia.




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