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Dance Like An Idiot

How well do you know this song?


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Created By:MissKirby23


#1   These lyrics are correct: "One cold December night back in 1984."

#2   Fill in the blank: "A scientist had found himself upon the ____ floor."

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#3   These lyrics are correct: "He started twitching and shaking like a pile of bouncing beans."

#4   Complete the lyrics: "To dance like a nitwit, to dance like a ____."

#5   Complete the lyrics: "So get off the ____, stand proud and tall."

#6   Fill in the blank: "You might wanna eat a lot of ____ first."

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#7   These lyrics are correct: "You can dance like an idiot all night long."

#8   Fill in the blank: "While you're dizzy, get busy and pretend you're a mime, then make whiny noises and clap ____ times."

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#9   Complete the lyrics: "Try to do the Moonwalk, and fall on your ____."

#10   Fill in the blank: "Then jump out the window with your hands on your ______."

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