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Don McLean's "American Pie" - Annotated 2

This haunting gem of classic rock has numerous lyrics up for interpretation. Please enjoy the quiz, and enjoy the extra facts that tell a hidden story of "American Pie". This quiz will have lyrics and questions from the third and fourth verses.


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#1   Complete the lyric: "Now for ____ years we've been on our own".

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#2   Complete the lyric: "When the _____ sang for the King and Queen".

#3   What film icon is a "coat" supposedly "borrowed from" in the 4th verse?

#4   This lyric is correct: "While the King was looking down/ The jester stole his golden crown".

#5   Complete the lyric: "And while Lennon read a book on ____".

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#6   Complete the lyric: "Helter Skelter in a _______ swelter".

#7   Complete the lyric: "The birds flew off with the fallout shelter/ _____ miles high and falling fast".

#8   Complete the lyric: "With the _____ on the sidelines in a cast".

#9   Complete the lyric: "Now the halftime air was _____ perfume".

#10   This lyric is correct: "We all got up to bop/ Oh, but we never got our shot".




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