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From the Earth to the Moon 2

"From the Earth to the Moon" was a twelve part miniseries that originally aired on HBO. It followed the Apollo space missions. This quiz is about the episodes, "We Have Cleared the Tower" and "1968".


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#1   Who was the commander of Apollo 7?

#2   What was the nickname given to Guenter Wendt?

#3   One of Apollo 7's missions was to test the new computer navigation system.

#4   During an interview with the Master Sergeant of the 45th Weather Squadron, what did he say was his most important tool for predicting local weather?

#5   Why did the commander want a mission ruling on the maximum wind speed during take-off?

#6   An unmanned test of the Saturn V rocket was conducted on the same day Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

#7   Why was the mission of Apollo 8 changed?

#8   What was the launch date for Apollo 8?

#9   What does 'TLI' stand for?

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#10   In the episode "1968", what sight seemed to excite the astronauts most on their voyage?

#11   What did the Apollo 8 astronauts read on their Christmas Eve broadcast?




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