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Math 101: The Basics

Test your general knowledge of some basic math facts!


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#1   If two acute angles are added, what type of angle will the resulting angle be?

#2   In trigonometry, what would be the result of dividing sin (a) by cos (a)?

#3   Taking the derivative of a constant always results in which of the following?

#4   If one side of a rectangle is the same length as an adjacent side, the rectangle must be a square.

#5   Which of the following is another name for a factor of a number?

#6   Given x^2 = 4, which of the following is a solution for x?

#7   Is pi considered an irrational number?

#8   Which fraction is greater in value: 127/256 or 7/15?

#9   If A + B = C, then B + A must also equal C.

#10   If the equation for a line is written in the form y = mx + b, then m represents which of the following?




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