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"Family Guy" Characters: Stewie

How well do you know this diabolical baby?


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#1   Although a baby, Stewie seeks world domination.

#2   Who is the only family member who can always understand Stewie when he talks?

#3   Stewie's middle name is Christopher.

#4   Seth MacFarlane created and provides the voice for Stewie.

#5   Stewie's teddy bear's name is Remmy.

#6   What kind of accent does Stewie have?

#7   Finish this quote said by Stewie: "Ha! I got your hat! Take that, ____! Now go back to the quad and resume your hackey sac tourney!"

#8   Seth MacFarlane wanted to have an episode where Stewie found out he was gay.

#9   Which of these shapes does Stewie's head resemble?

#10   What colour are Stewie's shoes?

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