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Ed, Edd n Eddy - "Nagged to Ed"

Do you remember this episode of "Ed, Edd n Eddy"?


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Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:MissKirby23


#1   This is the first time the Kanker sisters appear.

#2   Finish this line by Ed: "I saw this once in a movie, 'I Married a _____'".

#3   Who got stuck in a spider web?

#4   What did Ed's robe say on it?

#5   Marie Kanker has purple hair.

#6   Finish this line by Ed: "Take me to your ____."

#7   May has a crush on Ed.

#8   Ed, Edd, and Eddy watched a video called "Fish Bowl _".

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#9   What was the Kanker sisters's secret sauce?

#10   Ed had to clean the ____.




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