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Double Letters

Do you know your letters? This quiz will test your knowledge of double letter combinations (where the same letter is used twice); you must identify that letter. Every answer in this quiz is just a single letter.


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Created By:MarcM1098


#1   This type of "toy" gun shoots round pellets.

#2   This group has a twelve-step program to help people recovering from a certain addiction.

#3   When you cross train tracks, you often see a round sign with a large X and this double letter.

#4   Two members of this "Top" rock group were known for long beards and a song about legs.

#5   This is the only single letter which sounds like it belongs in this quiz.

#6   This is a standard size of dry cell battery.

#7   Besides the "to:" list, this is a secondary list of names that should also receive an email.

#8   This metric abbreviation can be a long or short distance, depending on whether the first letter is uppercase or lowercase.

#9   This is not a proper metric abbreviation, but it is commonly heard in hospitals when referring to a volume of liquid.

#10   There are several Roman numerals which could fit this quiz. What is the smallest one?

#11   This is a common abbreviation for some "down-time" or a vacation. (There is an ampersand between the two letters.)

#12   These candies melt in your mouth, not in your hand. (There is an ampersand between the two letters.)




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