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WWE Pay-Per-Views

How much do you know about WWE pay-per-views? WWE pay-per-views are shows that you have to pay to watch.


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#1   At "No Mercy" 2007, Randy Orton beat Triple H for the WWE Championship.What type of match was it?

#2   At "Armageddon" 2006, who lost to Kane in an inferno match?

#3   At "Survivor Series" 2006, who was not on John Cena's Survivor Series tag team?

#4   At "Cyber Sunday" 2007, what type of match did Rey Mysterio beat Finlay in?

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#5   At "Unforgiven" 2006, Degeneration X beat the McMahons and Umaga in a Hell in a Cell match.

#6   At "Night of Champions" 2007, who did John Cena pin to retain his WWE championship?

#7   At the "Great American Bash" 2007, who won the Cruiserweight championship?

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#8   At "Judgment Day" 2007, who did John Cena make tap out to retain his WWE championship?

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#9   At "Backlash" 2007, what type of match did Undertaker and Batista compete in?

#10   At "Wrestlemania XXV", Rey Mysterio beat Kurt Angle and who to win the World Heavyweight championship?

#11   At "No Way Out" 2007, who did Kane beat?

#12   Who was the first person eliminated in the 2007 "Ultimate Royal Rumble"?

#13   At "SummerSlam" 2006, who did Big Show beat to retain his ECW championship?




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