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Famous Dogs 2

How well do you know these famous, furry friends?


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#1   Finish this line from a popular kids' song: "There was a farmer had a dog, and ____ was his name-o!"

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#2   What 2008 movie, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is about the life of the Grogan family and their trouble making dog?

#3   What Disney classic is about a pampered Cocker Spaniel who meets a mongrel dog who calls himself the Tramp?

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#4   What is the name of John's dog in the "Garfield" comic strip?

#5   What is the name of "The Big, Red Dog"?

#6   In the "Harry Potter" series, what is the name of Hagrid's dog?

#7   The name of Dorothy's dog in the "Wizard of Oz" is ____.

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#8   What is the name of the Great Dane that helps solve mysteries? He has a best friend named Shaggy.

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#9   In the television show "Doug", the name of Doug Funnie's dog is Porkchop.

#10   What is the name of Tommy's dog in "Rugrats"?




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